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Samumuro 9 months ago
Yes. I think bikers are pretty cool too!
Kejind 8 months ago
Actually you moron He is winning all of them
Vur 8 months ago
Hey Gul how are you.
Disho 8 months ago
Really wish Trump woukd declare war on air.
Zulkizilkree 8 months ago
One of my favorite actor Gregory peck.
Faulmaran 8 months ago
Can you prove that?
Brara 8 months ago
Do you live near punjab?
Togor 8 months ago
LOL! Well... here's a pirate for ya'....
Tojajinn 7 months ago
Lol that dance though...??????????????
Gurisar 7 months ago
But The Daily Wire is?
Tukinos 7 months ago
Is she seriously victim blaming?
Dor 7 months ago
I've never been obese.
Samubei 6 months ago
I'm doing pretty well lol :) you?
Shaktisho 6 months ago
Nice. What's up Lantern how are you today.
Zulkilar 6 months ago
You got it boo
Daizragore 6 months ago
"one pushed him, as any individual would"
JoJomuro 6 months ago
This muslim shit would never happen in Mississippi
Sarg 6 months ago
I did find this:
Nejinn 5 months ago
let's look at the vision!
Tusida 5 months ago
Here's one, you lying sack of garbage:
Mezirn 5 months ago
That's because slavery etc is a manmade evil.


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