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Malkree 3 months ago
You should google whataboutism.
Samugul 3 months ago
The Christian Church retarded not only science...
Zuramar 3 months ago
Really destroyed, come on lets not resort to hyperbole.
Kagagul 3 months ago
So you are merely opposed to freedom.
Malasho 3 months ago
On Disqus when I should be getting things done.
Dicage 3 months ago
Does she wear Levi's ....?????
Yozshuzilkree 3 months ago
This particular Muslim web site:
Akinot 2 months ago
They are not total savages.
Muzshura 2 months ago
My friends call me JIM.
Keran 2 months ago
You doth protest too much.
Vudobar 2 months ago
Never heard of civil disobedience?


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