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Then legislate some laws to make these people contribute. Start a government agency called Hello Work and have all the unemployed enroll. Then farm them out to construction sites, farms, sanitation companies, factories, etc. The Japanese are doing it and it works.

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Outfits hot pantyhose vids
Outfits hot pantyhose vids

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Teshakar 11 months ago
You just can't make this stuff up.
Bralmaran 11 months ago
if it harms people of course.
Dagis 11 months ago
Have you tried asking on a science forum?
Grolkis 11 months ago
So you're down to this. Talk about defeat!
Nat 11 months ago
Wow. What a web we weave.
Fenrikasa 11 months ago
Your mom needs to sign up!
Voodoolmaran 10 months ago
Oh well.You can't fix stupid.
Tosida 10 months ago
You areee my newest friend Gul!!
Nikolkree 10 months ago
The Democrat Party explained in one photo.
Goltirg 10 months ago
I did not say god. I said transcendence.
Volkis 9 months ago
A?s up 2-1 bottom of the 7th ????????????
Mular 9 months ago
There are no Catholic soldiers in armies ?
Vilar 9 months ago
A+, 12/12 - Toys-R-Us Kid
Maukasa 9 months ago
Ya. Time to hit Gym.
Meshakar 9 months ago
Here's an atheist tract detailing their belief system.
Tojalkis 9 months ago
Is God a Guy?
Galmaran 8 months ago
You have my sympathy.
Vulabar 8 months ago
You are missing the point.
Fenrirr 8 months ago
I?m only okay with one of those things.
Masho 8 months ago
Were they created in the end.
Dolar 8 months ago
Stow the ad hominem.
Goltitilar 8 months ago
Oh for fvcks sake...


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