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Quicklist 57 lovely woman

Quicklist 57 lovely woman
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Added:11 months ago
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So when god said in Exodus that it was OK to own and beat slaves.that is a moral thing that will never change.

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Quicklist 57 lovely woman

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Zushakar 11 months ago
You probably mean Occurs without an intelligent creator
Yogami 11 months ago
OK, whatever you say, sport.
Gomuro 10 months ago
Mrs. GL still has her account!
Zolozuru 10 months ago
"The ineluctable conclusion is that Democrats are the Fascists."
Tukree 10 months ago
Rather Moscatos than Mosquitos ??
Akinojora 10 months ago
I knew this in the 80's!!!
Grole 9 months ago
and spelled her name wrong. nice try.
Gak 9 months ago
A beer that smells like fish, yuck.
Fenrilkis 9 months ago
And just why not? Scared?
Vudosho 9 months ago
Are you a child?
Zulugore 8 months ago
Thank you Efraim. ????
Faebar 8 months ago
I'm tired...wait till the morning and I'm there! :D
Mezijora 8 months ago
At least something positive came out of this mess.
Nisida 8 months ago
The conservatives, correct. They switched parties in the 60s
Zudal 7 months ago
Praise be to the undead savior, amen.
Malatilar 7 months ago
Yup,whenever I.. see you ..I melt(cough,cough)
Shar 7 months ago
Somehow let him down?
Mocage 7 months ago
And you know this how?
Zulusida 7 months ago
Of course I would......its in your answer!
Mugis 6 months ago
Again, despair is a mortal sin.
Tebar 6 months ago
Sorry but anecdotal comments are not evidence.
Maujora 6 months ago
They can no longer have single-gender sports teams too?
Mauzahn 6 months ago
Okay, I'll humour you.
Akikus 6 months ago
I see. Thanks for pointing that out.
Tojagrel 6 months ago
you just don't get it
Faur 6 months ago
Trust, love and bad friends company
Kazilabar 6 months ago
Of course. It?s for Allah.
Akilar 5 months ago
Lots of rape and haughtiness.


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