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Arasar 9 months ago
Red in his mind meant communist Red and sickle....
Faecage 9 months ago
Not sure what you are talking about...
Maunris 8 months ago
It's a Yahoo news story.  Whaddya expect?
Mazukus 8 months ago
Not true in any way.
Netilar 8 months ago
It's not meant to be, doesn't have to be.
Vimi 8 months ago
Lol, no. Enforcement is not possible, and
Mokinos 7 months ago
You aren't making any sense...
Tojataxe 7 months ago
God doesn't change into someone else.
Grokree 7 months ago
and yet I'm still running rings around you.
Dougis 7 months ago
Yes, we are agreed with what I wrote:
Ararn 7 months ago
Woah!! Good catch!! ??
Brahn 6 months ago
But what is its purpose?
Vogis 6 months ago
Aweeeeee god I love you J??
Tojahn 6 months ago
Which assumes that god has a plan
Mugis 6 months ago
This is how you weed out the fakers.
Shakagami 6 months ago
That puke Alan Rock comes to mind.
Kagalabar 6 months ago
Simply put: that's not your decision
Barr 5 months ago
Me too pimp babe:)
Felrajas 5 months ago
Great comment. sucks when you are stumped doesn't it.
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