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Not at all? What a compelling counterargument. Why don't you drop the "problem states", compare the average of all the states you want to cherry pick, and then show me how murder rates are there compared to other developed countries per capita? I already know the result, and it looks like you do too...

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Juzshura 10 months ago
Now You're just getting silly.
Akibar 10 months ago
Now you forget what you said?
Vujas 10 months ago
What religion are most klan members, Baptist?
Kigagis 10 months ago
More academic than religious.
Zulukree 10 months ago
Ironic that you mention that particular fallacy:
Mazuran 9 months ago
Yep havent read in a while haha ????
Bakus 9 months ago
Good idea. Get people's minds off the potential problem.
Tall 9 months ago
Screw cryogenics. We want something that replaces telomeres.
Vilar 9 months ago
Peterson is the Deepak Chopra of the Right.
Sakora 8 months ago
You did not address the point I made.
Kazisar 8 months ago
Your every OP is about atheists.
Mitaur 8 months ago
It can be difficult to deal with that.
Kajigami 8 months ago
Aha. Yup, yep. Absolutely.
Moogukazahn 8 months ago
If only we could hang those signs everywhere!


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