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Gujinn 1 year ago
Darwin showed it by observation of adaptations over time.
Tygojinn 1 year ago
More FAGGOT agenda being forced upon America.
Akizragore 1 year ago
anything to get rid of that skunk!
Nikozilkree 1 year ago
You?d prefer to see more recognition then?
Kilabar 1 year ago
you should try it James-
Nigis 1 year ago
Yep. Negative consequences was created for those wanting them.
Mebei 1 year ago
I can't unsee that you know......lol
Tygomuro 1 year ago
You continue to parrot the same lines.
Tujind 1 year ago
These trump keyboard warriors are amusing.
Tashakar 1 year ago
OMG! I counted wrong - need more coffee...
Dogal 11 months ago
Well it isn't :-)
Zuramar 11 months ago
Nope. Christians Live their Faith. It is Life Manifested.
Zubei 11 months ago
Driving a wedge between traditional allies.
Gardazahn 11 months ago
He found that Helix.
Meran 11 months ago
Oh? Do you think so?
Yonris 11 months ago
So it really is a fag game!
Brakora 10 months ago
Can you cite any cases?
Young looking nude girls photos


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