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My point was, if there is a code of silence, where did the number of 40% come from? And then that police agencies aren't going to cover acts of domestic violence up. If there was all this family violence, why is the divorce rate for law enforcement lower than it is for other occupations.

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Arashigrel 1 year ago
So, you're okay with people inciting violence against women.
Tam 1 year ago
Lmao... how shallow are your depths my queen? ??????
Voodootilar 1 year ago
So it really is a fag game!
Voramar 1 year ago
All religion is bondage.
Mikasar 1 year ago
the truth comes out
Faugor 1 year ago
Probably the same ones...since they are hypocritical
Duktilar 1 year ago
By their fruit u will know them
Kagrel 1 year ago
You have never read a book about microbiology.
Tygor 1 year ago
Chelsea. I'd pound that.
Kigajind 1 year ago
That was a disturbing movie. Kinda' like his
Mujora 1 year ago
Your Russian to English app is failing comrade.
Yotilar 1 year ago
Outer shell made of calcium
Durr 1 year ago
And not well informed
Shaktitaur 1 year ago
Gynocentric comments are always perfect to look at ??
Mezigami 1 year ago
Apparently, they're going around.
Doulabar 1 year ago
Improve your writing skills Bobbie.
Kagara 11 months ago
I think I have comment stuck.
Toshura 11 months ago
I can see you are truly obsessed. Lol!
Brarg 11 months ago
It was one of my bettter ones.
Nitilar 11 months ago
it's completely redundant (in my opinion).
Vudobei 11 months ago
Prayers. For. Amputees. Are. NEVER. Answered.
Meztishicage 11 months ago
Some things are beyond purpose .
Aralabar 10 months ago
And the gender evolved for procreation.
Kigabei 10 months ago
And 3rd march? ?? ill try remember that. ??
Karr 10 months ago
Religion in a nutshell.
Goltiran 10 months ago
Those assholes just sneak in and mess stuff up
Marn 9 months ago
What is the count now??
Fauk 9 months ago
I wasn't looking and I found him right here.
Kam 9 months ago
Because He has told us.


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