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I luv your girl dirty

From: Gadal
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Added:8 months ago
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I've always been a proponent of churches paying taxes. I don't see anywhere in scriptures that being tax exempt was the practice.

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I luv your girl dirty
I luv your girl dirty

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Bazragore 8 months ago
that seems kinda harsh?
Dolar 8 months ago
What is RT News?
Vudojar 7 months ago
'S OK. I won't mention Fortran, OK?
Gardajas 7 months ago
What? Strongest ecnomies we've ever had?
Taujind 7 months ago
It is Saturday, just saying.
Naramar 7 months ago
That's good, it was a pretty good thread.
Netilar 7 months ago
meh.one kid is good as another. /s
Mazura 7 months ago
Never had a complaint...
Gusho 6 months ago
Yes. Of course it is.
Goltirg 6 months ago
Have to keep dodging antlers. =)
Mauktilar 6 months ago
I study stuff every day and it still ??????
Kazrajinn 6 months ago
The only ones lying are the creationists.
Dora 6 months ago
Is it male or female?
Zulut 6 months ago
I think this is stupid, sorry.
Maukree 5 months ago
Have you looked up
Mashicage 5 months ago
I don't know how that even works.
Zusida 5 months ago
See, in the case of a being that is:
Shaktishakar 5 months ago
Their system is structured for democracy.
Vokree 5 months ago
No you did not say, that you don't understand.
Mooguzil 4 months ago
Can i make out in long escalators?
Daisar 4 months ago
They ain't liberals, mate.
Shaktishura 4 months ago
Sorry Val. I won. You lost.
Nikotilar 4 months ago
Thanks much again Jesse!
Zulushura 4 months ago
Uh oh, it's republican 'clumsy pivot' time.
Samulabar 4 months ago
When first asked about it.
Kesida 3 months ago
Sent them a "thank you" card anyway.
Mazulabar 3 months ago
A young show off is all.
Mulkis 3 months ago
i'll eat it over bread!
Arashihn 3 months ago
HA! You claim diversion as YOU are diverting!!!!!!
I luv your girl dirty


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