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From: Bajinn
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Added:1 year ago
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The president should have no authority to shut them down unless they are dropping information that can harm the nation. Sadly they are borderline pathetic.

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Lee mack show sexy girl
Lee mack show sexy girl
Lee mack show sexy girl

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Voodoor 1 year ago
"He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches."
Zolokus 1 year ago
but not a contradiction
Malarg 1 year ago
Do you not care?
Yor 1 year ago
So cool, a bouncing, escapist i dot!
Tygokus 1 year ago
Yet another septuagenarian in our government suffering from dementia.
Kajishura 1 year ago
This again and it's not even Monday.....or Ohio.
Kagor 1 year ago
Deleted. Personal attacks are not allowed on the channel.
Gaktilar 1 year ago
It seems you are playing a semantics game.
Kegis 1 year ago
Trump surrounds himself with people just like himself: criminals!
Fenrilabar 1 year ago
Is that Sommer Ray?
Fenrilabar 1 year ago
You and I agree on that :D
Akinorisar 1 year ago
Are you sure about whether you experience consciousness?
Vudokinos 11 months ago
I think she?s your woman crush everyday? Lol
Zolosho 11 months ago
I?ll take that as a yes.....,,
Meztilabar 11 months ago
Krugman lives off his wife's income.
Dumuro 11 months ago
"Please don't try this false equivalency crap."
Arashishakar 10 months ago
The heart doesn't say anything. The brain does.


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