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Sex positions in the karma sutra

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A global flood would leave behind geological evidence. This type of evidence becomes a permanent visual indication that can not be lost over time. If you care to learn, you can Google what type of evidence is expected after a catastrophic flood?

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Sex positions in the karma sutra
Sex positions in the karma sutra

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Zusar 1 year ago
Then would be like me: Happy, no problems
Samutilar 1 year ago
100% correct. The Mothership.
Bami 1 year ago
I shall mock you forever??????
Akinosar 1 year ago
I think it's because I make them laugh.
Mezigis 1 year ago
Your faulty accusation that I
Tukora 1 year ago
Glad you have rejoined reality.
Mazuran 1 year ago
Take care sweetie ..
Mazut 1 year ago
Can you prove there is no flying spaghetti monster?
Motaxe 1 year ago
Under the prison would suit me just fine.
Jugal 1 year ago
I wasn't looking and I found him right here.
Jutaur 1 year ago
Crying towels are on aisle 11A...
Nikozil 1 year ago
That?s rough. Hope your friend gets better.
Shaktilkis 1 year ago
My bf of course
Ball 1 year ago
Truth matters most of all.
Kelmaran 1 year ago
I imagine you looks beautiful with beard....LIke that
Tet 1 year ago
Who painted them, then? Sasquatch? Nessie?
Sex positions in the karma sutra


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