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Dotaur 7 months ago
How would she not be a woman?
Kagajind 7 months ago
Sometimes a banana is just a banana
Dashakar 7 months ago
So, being straight is innate and gay is not?
Vudokinos 7 months ago
Some epic stories do.
Bazragore 6 months ago
And when two such individuals disagree?
Shashura 6 months ago
I'd say 1. 99 certain there isn't.
Aragor 6 months ago
Carpenter ?. level . ?
Mojinn 6 months ago
So, no evidence? I accept your retreat.
Dikora 5 months ago
now that is fast food.
Kazranris 5 months ago
You areee my newest friend Gul!!
Zolot 5 months ago
Tonight was a tough one
Tam 5 months ago
I wonder what she is thinking today.
Akinotilar 5 months ago
I didn't say they don't exist .
Dairg 5 months ago
Tell that to the Kansas state legislature:
Shaktijin 5 months ago
KFC for everyone involved!!!!
Disida 4 months ago
Barely winning is no landslide.
Mezishicage 4 months ago
Are you a devotee of Swamiji?
Yotilar 4 months ago
I know some very well who were healed.
Akinogul 4 months ago
I don't know about language but strong music
Shakazshura 3 months ago
The [email protected] were Germans not Americans ...dupe.


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