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Masturbation stress release
Masturbation stress release
Masturbation stress release

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Madal 1 year ago
He just changed his handle to Every Trolls Dream.
Sajora 1 year ago
Atheists have a God?
Akizilkree 1 year ago
Did I ever say the word prove or proof?
Goltizil 1 year ago
Not a useful firearm
Arajind 1 year ago
LOL, i decide not to say it.
Kazira 1 year ago
Sadly, not me. I could never be THAT fabulous.
Mezuru 1 year ago
Rare Combination of Intuition and Thinking
Misida 1 year ago
And you're dangerous . . .
Yolmaran 11 months ago
But this greater jihad that you talk of
Moktilar 11 months ago
Another PSA by Hillary's lapdog? Cute.
Zutaur 11 months ago
What- it is :)
JoJogul 11 months ago
Kirk but in a very melodramatic way:)
Shaktitilar 11 months ago
Your testimony is full of snark.
Kazilar 11 months ago
All of Hollywood will burn...
Juran 10 months ago
It is happening right before us now.
Samull 10 months ago
A kitten throwing contest? :D whoever catches the most.
Doshura 10 months ago
Not much how are you?
Tagrel 10 months ago
That's a lot of if s.lol
Kagale 10 months ago
The Boers by a good century.
Kagami 9 months ago
Lmfaoooo Illa be nice ??????
Meztit 9 months ago
?? I don't know this one...
Fauzshura 9 months ago
Shouldn't you have predicted this?
Daigore 9 months ago
Is there really anyone that hard up ?????
Shakagul 8 months ago
If you're comfortable with demons.
Mera 8 months ago
We are the created. He is the creator.
Yosida 8 months ago
More BS bible nonsense.
Masturbation stress release


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