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Masturbation stress release
Masturbation stress release
Masturbation stress release

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Madal 9 months ago
He just changed his handle to Every Trolls Dream.
Sajora 9 months ago
Atheists have a God?
Akizilkree 9 months ago
Did I ever say the word prove or proof?
Goltizil 8 months ago
Not a useful firearm
Arajind 8 months ago
LOL, i decide not to say it.
Kazira 8 months ago
Sadly, not me. I could never be THAT fabulous.
Mezuru 8 months ago
Rare Combination of Intuition and Thinking
Misida 8 months ago
And you're dangerous . . .
Yolmaran 7 months ago
But this greater jihad that you talk of
Moktilar 7 months ago
Another PSA by Hillary's lapdog? Cute.
Zutaur 7 months ago
What- it is :)
JoJogul 7 months ago
Kirk but in a very melodramatic way:)
Shaktitilar 7 months ago
Your testimony is full of snark.
Kazilar 7 months ago
All of Hollywood will burn...
Juran 6 months ago
It is happening right before us now.
Samull 6 months ago
A kitten throwing contest? :D whoever catches the most.
Doshura 6 months ago
Not much how are you?
Tagrel 6 months ago
That's a lot of if s.lol
Kagale 6 months ago
The Boers by a good century.
Kagami 5 months ago
Lmfaoooo Illa be nice ??????
Meztit 5 months ago
?? I don't know this one...
Fauzshura 5 months ago
Shouldn't you have predicted this?
Daigore 5 months ago
Is there really anyone that hard up ?????
Shakagul 4 months ago
If you're comfortable with demons.
Mera 4 months ago
We are the created. He is the creator.
Yosida 4 months ago
More BS bible nonsense.
Masturbation stress release


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