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Pashto singer ghazala javed

Pashto singer ghazala javed
From: Maurg
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Added:9 months ago
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The "default position" is to ask people to prove their claims. What is your default position?

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Pashto singer ghazala javed
Pashto singer ghazala javed

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Akinotaur 9 months ago
A'aight. If you're buying.
Mezihn 8 months ago
Are you a homosexual?
Tegis 8 months ago
When the ideology holder falsely asserts disbelief.
Akijinn 8 months ago
My "hangover" is from lack of sleep! LOLOL!!!!
Voodoogore 8 months ago
So, when you see something like a liger.
Fautaur 8 months ago
LOL. Learn to check facts.
Mezigar 8 months ago
You are working on Mueller's team?
Dumi 8 months ago
Not sure if you're with me or against me.
Mujar 8 months ago
Didn't want the blood drawing too many bugs.


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