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You are getting boxed into some binary thinking there. There is little common ground with contemporary neo-conservatives or with Marxist-inspired Democrats.

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Nikosar 1 year ago
We are all slaves to our credit card companies.
Kagazshura 1 year ago
Thank you Greg! :)
Samujin 1 year ago
Thank you absolut clancy!
Tygokasa 1 year ago
If the killers get away with it.
Shakashakar 1 year ago
That assumes that moron can actually think.
Akinorisar 1 year ago
Looks like Freeland screwed the pooch on this one.
Voodoozshura 1 year ago
You don't get how confession works, do you?
Bakora 1 year ago
See ya in November
Maugar 1 year ago
Look. You aren't the arbiter of biblical interpretation, Aaron.
Arashinos 11 months ago
Increased complexity up against an entropy gradient.
Kejas 11 months ago
Jesus loved everyone, even the lepers.
Shalar 11 months ago
Potential danger, got it.
Togrel 11 months ago
Not so says I.
Dabei 11 months ago
Again, no theist, you included, has provided any evidence.
Yokinos 11 months ago
Republicans are a joke.
Zulkigami 11 months ago
'stunned cow' That is a great line!
JoJogore 11 months ago
Noo I haven?t read it?? Is it on here??
Vokora 10 months ago
What did you do about your sin debt?
Daizahn 10 months ago
can you understand the following sentences:
Zulujar 10 months ago
I think in the Maccabees??
Black stripper clubs in dallas


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