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Sex image for katrina

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Moll 1 year ago
Guess we will see if the DA does anything.
Dounris 1 year ago
CNN did get an earful.
Daikora 1 year ago
That's not what the posts show!
Nikotaur 1 year ago
Why I can't ?
Malagar 1 year ago
He makes Perfect sense to me.
Nikazahn 1 year ago
Yep, that's what I think it is
Nikok 1 year ago
You get smarter when you cease believing? Lol. No.
Mezirisar 1 year ago
I say he?s all of that!
Zurn 11 months ago
are you a trumper now.
Tum 11 months ago
A few things have changed, some quite dramatically.
Arajind 11 months ago
He is not Christian fyi.
Voramar 11 months ago
Sorry for the confusion Luv.
Voodoosho 11 months ago
are you sure he didn't?
Kazragal 11 months ago
Doug nor anyone else, has anything to with it.
Mazugrel 11 months ago
Well join the club!
Mikazshura 11 months ago
Yeah there is its called CADA (Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act)
Arashilar 10 months ago
As an atheist, I wholeheartedly support this message.
Dizuru 10 months ago
ROFL! It shows EXACTLY what I claimed. EXACTLY!
Kekazahn 10 months ago
He sure sounds like an Atlanta guttersnipe
Misar 10 months ago
what is a notices?
Takora 9 months ago
Try READING COMPREHENSION, welfare boi.....
Dami 9 months ago
Try these 3 questions:


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