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Akijinn 7 months ago
Haha do you have some good ones?
Balabar 7 months ago
No, not even Bob Lee could trump Trump.
Kazragore 7 months ago
Lol... the pre Saturday rush.
Kagagar 7 months ago
Don't forget deranged and ugly.
Zulkikus 6 months ago
Let?s start with The World Coalition Against Islam.........
Baktilar 6 months ago
0.0000% is a very safe number.
Mut 6 months ago
Thanks for confirming your bigotry
Kagagor 6 months ago
sure that is true
Vibar 6 months ago
Non sequitur as that claim wasn't made.
Arashitaxe 5 months ago
Nope, maybe cuz im a man?
Vora 5 months ago
I'm not sure what that means.
Fenritaur 5 months ago
John says it was still dark outside
Kajigrel 5 months ago
good after noon :)
Mazugore 5 months ago
we ran out of bacon at the cafeteria
Shakami 5 months ago
Awww you unblocked him?
Mukinos 4 months ago
OK, whatever you say, sport.
Miktilar 4 months ago
Period has never been a valid excuse. LoL
Nikotaxe 4 months ago
He is God, and you are not!
Kagazuru 4 months ago
Gold Toilet and Billions Bed.
Mugor 4 months ago
i kind of like this feisty side of you--
Goltijar 4 months ago
Agreed... Desperado is my favorite Eagles song.
Kigagore 4 months ago
Rich men often had many sex slaves
Nimi 4 months ago
The truth of what? Your unsubstantiated claims?
Balrajas 4 months ago
Your getting invaded by illegal aliens.
Daidal 4 months ago
we take you just the way you are!1 hahaha
Arahn 3 months ago
Well, there you go. We agree on something. :)
Grohn 3 months ago
OK Kenny. How is your mom today?
Moogukazahn 3 months ago
Keep crying, the wall is coming.
Dole 3 months ago
That data smells fishy.
Doulabar 3 months ago
hahahahaha your reply always same


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