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Why uncircumcised penis feels better

From: Mashura
Category: Gay
Added:9 months ago
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You *still don't understand that if you OPERATE a Public Business then you *must obey ALL State and Federal Non-Discrimination Laws that apply to ALL public businesses.

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Why uncircumcised penis feels better
Why uncircumcised penis feels better

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JoJogal 9 months ago
hahahahahaha may be thank you
Voodoogami 9 months ago
People become greedy and want more!
Sasho 9 months ago
Always finding facts and employing reason!
Kigataur 9 months ago
I am a theist because God believes in me.
Zulkishura 8 months ago
have you seen this video?
Gunris 8 months ago
Nope, religious morality is absolute. Religious belief is subjective.
Sajin 8 months ago
Want a laugh google DIY A Fleshlight :D
Masho 8 months ago
Yes only tell those you trust. ??
Kazrazil 7 months ago
Very well asked, to be sure!
Ball 7 months ago
Heck, I'd wear shorts when it's 30 below.
Kigatilar 7 months ago
It is also here:
Kajigor 6 months ago
LOL You probably spelled fck correctly.
Fenrikus 6 months ago
True. I'll grab some in a bit...
Arashim 6 months ago
Im not too sure.
Yozshujora 6 months ago
Maybe she'll stroke out.
Kazilar 6 months ago
Did I miss much while I was at lunch???
Vilabar 6 months ago
I knew that, I was just testing you.
Nazil 6 months ago
How do you know it's bad for them?
Dukinos 6 months ago
Warning to Donald J. Trump:
Teran 5 months ago
Just another Trump rally...
Kazralabar 5 months ago
Has is the operative word.
Gugore 5 months ago
No pain, no gain. Feel the burn! :)


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