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?Trigger happy? Trump NEGOTIATES with North Korea to send our dead soldiers back

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Cecilia galeano naked pics

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Zulkitilar 1 year ago
Selfpity is a lust, no?
Mijora 1 year ago
I hope you're right...
Tojazshura 1 year ago
He's barely a man you know.............!!
Voshicage 1 year ago
Nice parable. Real world example?
Brataxe 1 year ago
I dunno... if she removes her dentures...
Kigagal 1 year ago
Okay, how about God is Infinite?
Mekus 1 year ago
Does this guy know that he is Borked yet?
Tura 1 year ago
?????? charity laugh...I?ll talke it...I ain?t proud ??????
JoJorr 1 year ago
I blame all of YOU PEOPLE.
Faer 1 year ago
I will not do your work for you.
Vonos 1 year ago
What fallacy specifically is he invoking?
Mezigal 1 year ago
haha it might .. people still call me V
Zulujinn 11 months ago
which seems pretty stupid./
Malanos 11 months ago
Bullshit, Joe. Noting but bullshit.
Mozragore 11 months ago
Lol They always amaze me. Lol.
Mikakinos 11 months ago
Kajizshura 11 months ago
The don't call it Fucker County for nuttin'
Goltijas 10 months ago
"Einerwold was also found
Tagar 10 months ago
Never watch it, couldn't say.
Shaktit 10 months ago
Yeah, I actively avoid political channels :p
Gojind 10 months ago
It was intended to be temporary.
Tat 10 months ago
You didn't say anything about evolution.
Meztiktilar 10 months ago
I did. I'm sorry have I missed something?
Faelkis 9 months ago
In my humble opinion and acting on reasonable assumptions.
Zululabar 9 months ago
Obama's grades "are sealed" by special "rules."
Brahn 9 months ago
ID is not science, so there is that.


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