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?Trigger happy? Trump NEGOTIATES with North Korea to send our dead soldiers back

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Cecilia galeano naked pics

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Zulkitilar 9 months ago
Selfpity is a lust, no?
Mijora 9 months ago
I hope you're right...
Tojazshura 8 months ago
He's barely a man you know.............!!
Voshicage 8 months ago
Nice parable. Real world example?
Brataxe 8 months ago
I dunno... if she removes her dentures...
Kigagal 8 months ago
Okay, how about God is Infinite?
Mekus 8 months ago
Does this guy know that he is Borked yet?
Tura 8 months ago
?????? charity laugh...I?ll talke it...I ain?t proud ??????
JoJorr 7 months ago
I blame all of YOU PEOPLE.
Faer 7 months ago
I will not do your work for you.
Vonos 7 months ago
What fallacy specifically is he invoking?
Mezigal 7 months ago
haha it might .. people still call me V
Zulujinn 7 months ago
which seems pretty stupid./
Malanos 6 months ago
Bullshit, Joe. Noting but bullshit.
Mozragore 6 months ago
Lol They always amaze me. Lol.
Mikakinos 6 months ago
Kajizshura 6 months ago
The don't call it Fucker County for nuttin'
Goltijas 6 months ago
"Einerwold was also found
Tagar 5 months ago
Never watch it, couldn't say.
Shaktit 5 months ago
Yeah, I actively avoid political channels :p
Gojind 5 months ago
It was intended to be temporary.
Tat 5 months ago
You didn't say anything about evolution.
Meztiktilar 5 months ago
I did. I'm sorry have I missed something?
Faelkis 5 months ago
In my humble opinion and acting on reasonable assumptions.
Zululabar 4 months ago
Obama's grades "are sealed" by special "rules."
Brahn 4 months ago
ID is not science, so there is that.


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