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I agree with you that it is very easy for group think to become doctrinal and then it is but a short hop to a religion.

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Holly weber sexy pics
Holly weber sexy pics
Holly weber sexy pics

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Kazragul 10 months ago
"Water are made by DAMS! Hyuck!"
Fenrijin 10 months ago
How does one blaspheme atheism?
Tygocage 10 months ago
Naughty joke in there somewhere.
Digami 10 months ago
I pray for many other people.
Akinorisar 9 months ago
Why "whoa" Lil's ?
Fauzilkree 9 months ago
Nonsense. Most believers I know are good people.
Tum 9 months ago
Yeah. Shoemart did kinda miss the point though.
Dojind 9 months ago
So, Islam is a pluralistic religion?
Kajim 9 months ago
What would a liberal republican look like?
Tygorisar 8 months ago
Not true at all.
Mezticage 8 months ago
Wait Do you think we are a theocracy?
Mikarg 8 months ago
Holy crap, they found Nemesis.
Arashizil 8 months ago
Yes. Of course. Unhinged much?
Tojalkis 8 months ago
Time and space. ?
Dill 7 months ago
It happens, job security for me.
Gardagore 7 months ago
What is trump charged with?
Tulkis 7 months ago
Yeah, something about the bathrooms...I think :-)
Arashiramar 7 months ago
Ahahaha...thank you dear sir!??
Nikotaur 7 months ago
Fill in your own irrelevant blanks.
Bracage 6 months ago
Europe made major concessions today. WINNING!


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