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I agree with you that it is very easy for group think to become doctrinal and then it is but a short hop to a religion.

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Holly weber sexy pics
Holly weber sexy pics
Holly weber sexy pics

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Kazragul 2 months ago
"Water are made by DAMS! Hyuck!"
Fenrijin 2 months ago
How does one blaspheme atheism?
Tygocage 2 months ago
Naughty joke in there somewhere.
Digami 2 months ago
I pray for many other people.
Akinorisar 1 month ago
Why "whoa" Lil's ?
Fauzilkree 1 month ago
Nonsense. Most believers I know are good people.
Tum 1 month ago
Yeah. Shoemart did kinda miss the point though.
Dojind 1 month ago
So, Islam is a pluralistic religion?
Kajim 1 month ago
What would a liberal republican look like?
Tygorisar 4 weeks ago
Not true at all.
Mezticage 2 weeks ago
Wait Do you think we are a theocracy?
Mikarg 2 weeks ago
Holy crap, they found Nemesis.
Arashizil 1 week ago
Yes. Of course. Unhinged much?
Tojalkis 1 day ago
Time and space. ?


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