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From: Mum
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Added:7 months ago
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I'm sure Trump could come up with a stupider name than 'Space Force'.

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Brajora 7 months ago
LOL! That's a good one! :)
Daizilkree 7 months ago
Aaaahahaha! Shut the he?? up! You know you?re handsome.
Meshura 6 months ago
On your face? ????????
Kigalmaran 6 months ago
Did Jesus hate people?
Kajijinn 6 months ago
Ah, for cryin out loud
Nekasa 6 months ago
Alcohol is the Debil!
Tobar 6 months ago
I prefer female hands ;)
Dotilar 6 months ago
failed joke ignore it
Yogal 5 months ago
These clowns are fing stupid
Akile 5 months ago
"It remains unclear what triggered
Yozshukasa 5 months ago
I suppose that'd be mostly accurate.
Malakasa 5 months ago
is this good or bad?
Tamuro 4 months ago
I finished reading the book yesterday.
Samucage 4 months ago
yu callin me a serpent???? :) LOL!!!!
Tygoramar 4 months ago
You get a grip.
Gozuru 4 months ago
It's clear,you know nothing about political ideology
Talabar 4 months ago
Are you the nfl?
Dougrel 4 months ago
Kudos to "The Faction" and this Channel.
Kajigami 4 months ago
Do you enjoy working for free?
Tojakazahn 3 months ago
Question for Mods. well @theunknownsleeper really
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