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JoJolkree 1 year ago
Balderson won the contest
Gardagrel 1 year ago
They get a hair cut from the neck up.
Daizilkree 1 year ago
it was funny? xD how? Lol
Tygoktilar 1 year ago
Only retards believe in Satan.
Dami 1 year ago
What part of intersex are you unable to comprehend?
Zusida 1 year ago
Damn, you got it!
Mer 1 year ago
I record myself reading about trump, just in case....
Moogudal 1 year ago
Here's a link to a pro-NFP article:
Arabar 1 year ago
Do you even know what a scientific theory is?
Gukazahn 1 year ago
Thanks bro.. glad you are enjoying your time here????????????
Faurg 1 year ago
well, you should not be such a hard worker.
Dugul 1 year ago
And again, you've avoided answering.
Tygozuru 11 months ago
Learning precedes repentance, does it not.
Toshicage 11 months ago
Underground is a fairly bootless place.
Yozshudal 11 months ago
Therefore the information contained therein should be totally discarded?
Kazilrajas 11 months ago
I 'felt' your answer...thank you...
Milar 11 months ago
So they can be turned away?
Gazragore 11 months ago
You have massively misinterpreted the statement.
Taujar 11 months ago
Well that is just Perfect!!
Dokazahn 10 months ago
Your soul doesn?t die.
Kagar 10 months ago
Go back to NNU post. Banned ITOWCHATT
Tygomi 10 months ago
how many layerS of irony is this post
Feramar 9 months ago
Are you seriously that god damn dumb???
Gutilar 9 months ago
57.4 Billion!!!! Sign it NOW!!????
JoJolar 9 months ago
Cake derailments will be handled in the same manner.
Grozil 9 months ago
At least you took steps.
Jugal 9 months ago
Rasmussen Poll: always accurate and true.
Yokazahn 9 months ago
The best way to be :)
Gulmaran 9 months ago
what is going on here?
Bralar 8 months ago
I like the blue too lol
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