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From: Meztilar
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Added:8 months ago
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You have labeled Him a genocidal maniac? . That is a judgement.

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Gugul 8 months ago
Hey Jennifer how are you today
Taushakar 8 months ago
Thanks for the explanation!
Zoloran 8 months ago
U have a point.
Megor 8 months ago
Ofc Teighas is more beautiful!!
Moogugrel 7 months ago
Really? How is feeling testy a sin?
Tagar 7 months ago
You seem to have a reading comprehension issue.
Kazrakinos 7 months ago
Tim Curry, he was great in this role!!
Meztimi 7 months ago
strong willed, intelligent man that must make me laugh.
Vudobei 6 months ago
where are your citations? i'm not seeing any hyperlinks.
Vudonris 6 months ago
" There is no evidence whatsoever against Trump."
Takinos 6 months ago
That's grand coming from trump cultist
Zulkizil 6 months ago
That's because he probably employs them.
Akinogar 6 months ago
Why would you want to elect a horrible businessman?
Zolojin 6 months ago
Still get it ;) lol
Bratilar 5 months ago
lobster? Nether is in the B-52's
Kigahn 5 months ago
Abolish Illegal aliens and their anti-american activists.
Gujas 5 months ago
Aha, now we're talking distance.
Kigajar 5 months ago
The church doesn't agree.
Zolotaxe 5 months ago
Exactly , I am
Vudokree 5 months ago
Any times a good time to party!
Akinorisar 4 months ago
here you go again...
Nekora 4 months ago
Nice to meet you too.
Kazshura 4 months ago
So in other words you don't have anything good.
Nitaxe 4 months ago
so bout 195cm ?? massive
Pain remix stripper t


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