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Kigakazahn 8 months ago
Is that what it sounded like I was saying?
Fezuru 8 months ago
But, but = Oh my!!!
Shakabar 8 months ago
Taoism is much more interesting than the Bible.
Arashitaur 7 months ago
Hahaha thank you sweet Gul!!
Mulabar 7 months ago
Let's talk about the origin of life .
Faehn 7 months ago
She should be knowing that, right?
Shakazilkree 7 months ago
Which one is cheaper?
Akinokora 7 months ago
being overwhelmed by the massive influx of immigrants
Shaktishura 7 months ago
Well many non Christians also knows a lot.
Nikok 6 months ago
You could be right...
5 inches fully erect adult pics


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