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Most of the homicides by illegal aliens come in the form of Fatalitie Car Crashes. Hispanics have a 2.7 times higher rate of Fatalitie car crashes

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Kigara 1 year ago
LOL, lol.SMH Get real. You didn't pose any arguments.
Arashikinos 1 year ago
LOL If this one gets any dumber...
Misar 1 year ago
55 years? Damn, that's impressive.
Mom 1 year ago
Except by transit employees and their families, relatives...and friends.
Shale 1 year ago
I want 1 pup and my pumpkin....thats it ??
Gamuro 1 year ago
The dentist would probably run out screaming.
Vokora 1 year ago
Liberals love to blindly tow the narrative.
Tygokree 1 year ago
More autistic screeching from the left...
Zolojin 1 year ago
You got it flaunt it. Thigh is very sexy
Mazragore 11 months ago
They are not total savages.
Faezilkree 11 months ago
The battle against ignorance continues but we progress.
Shaktilabar 11 months ago
did you get lost along the way?
Mikajinn 11 months ago
Thank you my friend
Kilkree 11 months ago
Hehhehehe but i like Teighas beauty more ??


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