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From: Kajizuru
Category: Japanese
Added:10 months ago
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that says that they are investigating Hillary for Russian collusion for the Dossier.

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Fenrijin 10 months ago
I think your answers are wildly simplistic.
Dolrajas 10 months ago
Try not to be so offensive next time.
Zolojora 10 months ago
That's all l need to know!
Arashijind 10 months ago
The first amendment already does.
Nasar 10 months ago
Or how about something that isn't hateful, but informative?
Akinotaxe 9 months ago
Yeah! Thanks for the correction!
Samuran 9 months ago
That post alone more or less proved you're not.
Guzilkree 9 months ago
I'm not saying all right wingers are like that.
Gagrel 9 months ago
Heaven for the climate, hell for the company.
Gardajora 8 months ago
is it okay to try??
Kazijinn 8 months ago
I don't agree,but that is funny,,,,,,lol
Vudolrajas 8 months ago
You misgendered me, racist swine
Juk 8 months ago
but not necessarily on my feet =D
Doubar 8 months ago
Thank you so Much ....you tooo
Ball 8 months ago
The offer was nice enough! you are to kind.
Viramar 7 months ago
GOPsters go to Whadduh Bout Ism first and always.
Micage 7 months ago
Did not mean to insult! It's already there!
Vudozuru 7 months ago
why do we eat food? XD
Fesho 7 months ago
All you have to do is invite me in
Dujar 7 months ago
Link at top for dailywire works.
Shagore 7 months ago
Fairies made all the battles victorious
Shaktitaur 7 months ago
Rats and roaches they are my housemates
Turr 7 months ago
And, a pig is born.
Vizshura 6 months ago
Answer the question Bill or stop with your hatred.
Dolrajas 6 months ago
How many .. & what's on current condition
Zulkibar 6 months ago
Modern Hebrew grammar differs from Biblical Mishnaic grammar.
Akira 6 months ago
I really wanted to see him fly with balloons.


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