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From: Kajizuru
Category: Japanese
Added:1 year ago
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that says that they are investigating Hillary for Russian collusion for the Dossier.

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Fenrijin 1 year ago
I think your answers are wildly simplistic.
Dolrajas 1 year ago
Try not to be so offensive next time.
Zolojora 1 year ago
That's all l need to know!
Arashijind 1 year ago
The first amendment already does.
Nasar 1 year ago
Or how about something that isn't hateful, but informative?
Akinotaxe 1 year ago
Yeah! Thanks for the correction!
Samuran 1 year ago
That post alone more or less proved you're not.
Guzilkree 1 year ago
I'm not saying all right wingers are like that.
Gagrel 1 year ago
Heaven for the climate, hell for the company.
Gardajora 1 year ago
is it okay to try??
Kazijinn 1 year ago
I don't agree,but that is funny,,,,,,lol
Vudolrajas 1 year ago
You misgendered me, racist swine
Juk 1 year ago
but not necessarily on my feet =D
Doubar 11 months ago
Thank you so Much ....you tooo
Ball 11 months ago
The offer was nice enough! you are to kind.
Viramar 11 months ago
GOPsters go to Whadduh Bout Ism first and always.
Micage 11 months ago
Did not mean to insult! It's already there!
Vudozuru 11 months ago
why do we eat food? XD
Fesho 11 months ago
All you have to do is invite me in
Dujar 11 months ago
Link at top for dailywire works.
Shagore 10 months ago
Fairies made all the battles victorious
Shaktitaur 10 months ago
Rats and roaches they are my housemates
Turr 10 months ago
And, a pig is born.
Vizshura 10 months ago
Answer the question Bill or stop with your hatred.
Dolrajas 10 months ago
How many .. & what's on current condition
Zulkibar 10 months ago
Modern Hebrew grammar differs from Biblical Mishnaic grammar.
Akira 10 months ago
I really wanted to see him fly with balloons.


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