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From: Duzahn
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Added:7 months ago
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I have read the theories of how/why single celled organisms formed groups and speculation on how that would have lead to multicellular life arising.

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Girl Masterbating On Camera
Girl Masterbating On Camera
Girl Masterbating On Camera

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Yozuru 6 months ago
The mountains literally are evidence.
Samutaur 6 months ago
That?s a fine misinterpretation.
Vokasa 6 months ago
i am leaning towards the first one
Kazrakasa 6 months ago
i wonder where did you find such as ideas.
Vidal 5 months ago
different strokes for different folks
Daijora 5 months ago
How can we possibly know everything?
Mak 5 months ago
The Great Green Arkleseizure sneezed out our universe.
Goltidal 5 months ago
Heliocentricity is settled science.
Shakagal 5 months ago
No boating until the weekend warriors leave
Akinomi 5 months ago
You are dancing around the subject .
Faebei 5 months ago
Still dodging the questions, I see.
Moogukazahn 4 months ago
Oh for the love -
Vudozahn 4 months ago
No that is actually a verifiable fact
Shakora 4 months ago
Not even close. (deleted)
Brajora 4 months ago
Please define hateful comments
Mogal 3 months ago
LOL, sounds like you were dismissed 28 minutes ago.
Gardanos 3 months ago
That seems a reasonable position.
Shakanris 3 months ago
Number 2 asked about junior high
Nall 3 months ago
Meaning you haven't read up on the subject!
Faukazahn 3 months ago
you're getting paid too...?
Kizragore 3 months ago
With their extra sharp cleats I hope!
Bazahn 3 months ago
What do you mean by real?
Maladal 3 months ago
So you're saying it's also phallic?
Dajar 2 months ago
Depends on where it is....
Keramar 2 months ago
Not according to the research cited by Kevin55.
Girl Masterbating On Camera


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