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Jacking black dick
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The same thing is happening today in politics. There are more than a few atheists in politics who pretend to be religious, because of the prejudice they would face if they were honest about their beliefs.

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Jacking black dick
Jacking black dick

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Tygogore 10 months ago
The fuck? When did I do that?
Nilkree 10 months ago
Congratulations. I didn't think you were that old though.
Gakora 10 months ago
You said lefty was right.
Aralabar 9 months ago
but the vulgarity hats are just so style!
Moogujind 9 months ago
Right to work for less...
Dodal 9 months ago
I repeat; there exists only ONE true God!
Shaktihn 9 months ago
Worse? Possibly. Dumber? Absolutely.
Barr 9 months ago
Oh geez I can't top that one!!
Zolozshura 8 months ago
Don't call me honey.
Basar 8 months ago
haha fattening food and showers .
Mezill 8 months ago
As far as immediate survival, yep.
Yolabar 8 months ago
Yea, we've been getting that since the beginning.
Meztitilar 8 months ago
Did Jesus hate people?
Gazil 7 months ago
Sure it could. But that doesn't answer the question.


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