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I realize that. There is a difference between skepticism and denial. Skepticism is based on valid information that is contrary to a theory, whereas denial is just a refusal to accept a theory. It doesn't matter what your reason is. Where is your information that is contrary to scientific consensus? Without it, you're just in denial. Whether you believe aliens are responsible for a warming earth, or you think the rate of climate change is natural, you're wrong. I don't care what your excuses are. You're just wrong.

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North down lady escort

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Mugar 9 months ago
I'm.dead embarrassed my funeral is Friday
Mirg 9 months ago
In what way? Care to elaborate?
Meztizil 9 months ago
I?ll earn some ma bro... ????????????
Mirisar 9 months ago
There are certainly pastors who have other jobs.
Nikoshura 8 months ago
How do you know? I ask sincerely. How?
Samuzshura 8 months ago
Apologies.chemo is making me sick AND cranky :)
Arazilkree 8 months ago
No way I am gonna ever allow that sh!t
Meztim 8 months ago
Care to distinguish between me and my body?
Mikagor 8 months ago
Well it wasn't my finger...
Kagajinn 7 months ago
That is correct James.
Arashikazahn 7 months ago
Rare Combination of Intuition and Thinking
Tukasa 7 months ago
And neither do your arguments.
Voodooran 7 months ago
LOL Damn. You ARE bad!!
Shakashakar 7 months ago
"used her race, intelligence and cleanliness"
Tauran 6 months ago
You can do that now.
Zulkilkree 6 months ago
You are right lol
Kazrazahn 6 months ago
let trump finish his first term in office
Yorg 5 months ago
Do you have a link to the petition, shaktiman?
Akinoktilar 5 months ago
Well the 'Blackfeet' didn't appreciate those Cree migrations.
Dourisar 5 months ago
How much more "great" can the nation take?
Faekazahn 5 months ago
Google = Big Brother without brains. Regards dan.
Shaktiramar 5 months ago
1. Atheism is against God, not against belief.
Melkis 4 months ago
yes, you were wrong
Dijind 4 months ago
One of the most pretty sports woman.
Gakinos 4 months ago
I hope you have a nice day too!
North down lady escort


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