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Star wars vintage action figures

From: Moogugul
Category: Japanese
Added:10 months ago
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"If you want to compare NDEs to reports of drug experiences, then do it rigorously. If you want to associate "hallucinations" with "lucid dreaming", then do it systematically." If you want to declare NDEs as proof there is God / afterlife, then prove it. You theists require burden of proof of science but you offer NONE for your claims.

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Star wars vintage action figures
Star wars vintage action figures
Star wars vintage action figures

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Tojat 10 months ago
Ok. How do you
Voodoojora 10 months ago
Yes they both did.
Vudobar 10 months ago
We're not in college, now, so no one cares.
Tolar 10 months ago
If Obama had a mug shot............................
Brashura 10 months ago
I didn?t want to type all that
Nar 10 months ago
Because he has no argument.
Akile 9 months ago
They disbelieve those who say, ?God is
Doumuro 9 months ago
The Bible is only one of many religious books.
Mikajin 9 months ago
Me miserable! Which way shall I fly
Mazujind 9 months ago
Sure. Two, red, state sequencing, love.
Gardakus 9 months ago
Oh, sure things bubs
Kiganris 9 months ago
you are going to be so disappointed hahahahaha
Nazil 8 months ago
You do not want to believe the truth.
Mum 8 months ago
26 hours?! WOW!!! I cannot complain, then...
Kazrarisar 8 months ago
Awww...shoot...I'm a woman with a crush on him...?
Zulugal 8 months ago
Wow, quite life you lead watching Zombies
Mesida 7 months ago
It depends on the circumstances right?
Dougrel 7 months ago
Ahahahah!!! Dat m??f?? got ma boo heated ??????
Karn 7 months ago
Does she wear Levi's ....?????
Megis 7 months ago
Lactaysha?  Does she lactate a lot?
Maukora 7 months ago
Can you explain how you think it represents atheism?
Mubar 7 months ago
Depends on where it is....
Nalrajas 6 months ago
First, at one point it did require evidence, yes.
Arashigami 6 months ago
I'll help you start packing.
Kigalkree 6 months ago
You have lost me.
Kazrakasa 6 months ago
I am with you Sgt.W.
Vudozahn 6 months ago
Eve was punished for going against God's commands.
Kecage 6 months ago
I agree, but my original post was a joke.


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