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Tekazahn 10 months ago
You can end this by answering the question.
Mazucage 10 months ago
This will piss Democrats off
Kinris 10 months ago
Hope his spouse didn't read his comment!
Tojora 10 months ago
Where did you get that from?
Kagul 10 months ago
Isn't it a gem stone?
Sajora 10 months ago
See ya in November
Nikozahn 9 months ago
lol, not enjoying that image ?...????
Megal 9 months ago
I might have indeed :)
Araktilar 9 months ago
Thank you for sharing this edwinrad ??
Magore 9 months ago
Indeed, and so are you. The problem comes when
Kajijar 8 months ago
Because she is a white supremacist?
Marr 8 months ago
You people invited ?deflection?
Zutaur 8 months ago
Nancy Sinatra? What are you 80?
Voodookazahn 8 months ago
Want to buy a girl a drink?
Zukora 7 months ago
According to those who argue that nature determines morality.
Zukasa 7 months ago
I refer you to my comment above.
Fenribar 7 months ago
You having a seizure?
Mausho 7 months ago
That isn't an answer.
Tagar 7 months ago
The two are not mutually exclusive, ignorant Kleopussy.
Fenrigul 6 months ago
Not taking the bait, mate.


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