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Mathematics only has the evidence because it has been developed as such, through time. Without Pythagoras we couldnt prove Pi is irrational(which is a negative claim). This debate does not have a Pythagoras.

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Zulull 9 months ago
I think I have a crush on a bot!
Nikolabar 9 months ago
Thanks little girls wanted pictures with me
Nale 8 months ago
Where is the sanctuary for Americans? Yikes.
Tagor 8 months ago
Answer the question Bill or stop with your hatred.
Aralabar 8 months ago
You are a very bigoted old one.
Zuzragore 8 months ago
So you agree to disagree and shake hands, okay.
Bagami 8 months ago
Not familiar with the Entitlement Clause, huh?
Dougami 8 months ago
Which is known as magical thinking.
Nit 8 months ago
Changing the subject? -even a bigger surprise!!
Faubei 7 months ago
Doesn't can't Two different things.
Bram 7 months ago
Not sure how as many do meditate
Ter 7 months ago
Morality isn?t exclusive to religion.
Meztishura 7 months ago
Foundation to everything is important
Mikalabar 7 months ago
No, it's only you. I checked.


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