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Asian perspective vol 24

From: Kigazil
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Added:5 months ago
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You apparently missed the point. I repeat. Read slowly: no new theology in Koran. Do you understand the difference between theology and linguistics?

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Faelkis 5 months ago
I started a Pokemon league a few years ago.
Nikohn 4 months ago
Well, that's.a different theology.
Akinojin 4 months ago
What if you deduct the outgoings?
Vishakar 4 months ago
Glad I can help
Karan 4 months ago
MS in Zoology. You?
Yozshujora 4 months ago
With one "t" bro
Nizahn 3 months ago
I also recommend for you spellcheck.
Zulkigul 3 months ago
How old are your girls?
Brashura 3 months ago
And this has what to do with the spirit?
Fenricage 3 months ago
because .a book? I guess
Kishakar 3 months ago
No, we're all in it.
Akinoramar 3 months ago
So maybe its time for a change...
Vishicage 2 months ago
question is irrelevant, as you cannot prove anything
Golkis 2 months ago
?? I don't know this one...
Kigak 2 months ago
THIS will never happen!!
Malazil 2 months ago
That's nice.. so you are basically from UAE


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