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Couldn't find a better friend than a Jew. That's why my lawyer is Mr. J. Cohen.

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Zular 7 months ago
Saudi Arabia is a monarchy that recognizes Islamic laws.
Tojalar 6 months ago
Doesn't every body do that?
Tojajin 6 months ago
Evolution is science. Fact.
Daikasa 6 months ago
When I choose to yes.
Tukree 6 months ago
that's okay with me.
Kazimi 6 months ago
I just know her account is deleted :(
Faejin 5 months ago
Sounds good to me!
Gam 5 months ago
Not even that is a 100 failure rate.
Nagal 5 months ago
breitbart counts on that ignorance texas.
Magore 5 months ago
Criticize Muslim practices within Canada...bad.
Samusho 5 months ago
Is that one of the coaches he got fired?
Vurn 5 months ago
Facts are supportable. Present some evidence. Peer reviewed.
Mutaur 4 months ago
I don't ban people for trolling.
Mazujas 4 months ago
Why are you proselytizing on this thread?
Taurisar 4 months ago
Artificial, as opposed to Actual Intelligence?
Yoshakar 4 months ago
Can you pay 1/2?
Arajar 4 months ago
Thank you! You as well. :)
Zulugar 4 months ago
Your understanding of science appears Biblical.
Doulabar 4 months ago
You really should upvote her.
Goltimuro 3 months ago
Spook sure is looking old. Time to retire.
Akishura 3 months ago
Gud sucks as a teacher. everyone is so confused.
Arashitaur 3 months ago
Ooops! Look what was leaked to Axios:
JoJozilkree 3 months ago
God wanted it that way?
Zulubar 2 months ago
I never had a religion.
Araran 2 months ago
Marriage that includes the participation of both sexes.
Samukinos 2 months ago
The Sopranos ending felt like a cop out.
John holmes pornstar gay movie


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