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Voodoomuro 8 months ago
An actress huh? Well, we had better listen up.
Yozshuzilkree 8 months ago
Isn't that supposed to make you sleep?
Goltiran 8 months ago
What's the other 4?
Doshicage 7 months ago
1 represents an absolute certainty.
Dousar 7 months ago
lol, not actual crimes.
Shagar 7 months ago
She passed it on background to investigative reporters
Tosida 7 months ago
lol... That sounds hard to believe.
Keshicage 6 months ago
Maybe Eric was the smart one after all?
Dasida 6 months ago
It's Disqus..must you ask? :)
Brakora 6 months ago
Not true. Not in the definition.
Bashakar 6 months ago
Honesty I like it!!!!????????????
Magis 5 months ago
I educated you on your two choices.
Bragis 5 months ago
Trump should fire them all...starting with Jeff Sessions.
Arashimuro 5 months ago
McCabe didn't say that.
Mazukasa 5 months ago
Dont you mean Au revoir?
Tojalar 4 months ago
How is is "disrespecting the flag?"
Malakazahn 4 months ago
Jesus did not live in a commune.
Samutaur 4 months ago
Trump is an "Ex-Spurt".
Kazira 4 months ago
The rest are as kooky as Hoyle, long discredited.
Dinris 4 months ago
The Hubble pictures are pretty. ?
Meztijinn 4 months ago
That's right, you ignore truth to uphold your lies.
Yor 4 months ago
6 comment bot says what?
Vurg 3 months ago
Says ewe, and dullards too.
Tojale 3 months ago
So no elaboration or defense. SOP.
Faugis 3 months ago
what was your old profile ???
Moogujin 3 months ago
They might, I have my suspicions.
Mugal 2 months ago
Probably not many......showing my age. I will fix it
Korean Sex Couple


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