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Accused of sexual abuse
Accused of sexual abuse
Accused of sexual abuse

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Mikami 7 months ago
do you want to get paid...? xD
Maukora 7 months ago
Circumstantial evidence is a belief.
Dokora 7 months ago
"What's wrong with that?"
Maurisar 7 months ago
Let the best shot win!
Goltigal 7 months ago
Deflect much there guy?
Faujar 6 months ago
The liberal, CRIMINAL "justice" system in motion!
Dubei 6 months ago
Hmmm... Birthed by a volcano would be pretty badass.
Nern 6 months ago
White Castle honey mustard iz awsome lol! ??
Mur 6 months ago
This horse has been beaten to death.
Taule 5 months ago
Who said anger was a sin?
Kataur 5 months ago
With what? Be specific or zip it
Magul 5 months ago
I do not know.you made the claim.
Tegami 5 months ago
Not to bright are you.
Yorr 4 months ago
The internet now can make you live for ever.
Malarr 4 months ago
I am offended by this article.
Sarn 4 months ago
Please clearly state your question or purpose for discussion.
Marn 4 months ago
Why reinvent the wheel?
Kazigul 4 months ago
I pretty much agree with you on that one.
Batilar 4 months ago
Nope. Fully agree with you.
Kajishura 4 months ago
Well her first mistake was to be a "woman"
Kishakar 4 months ago
Lookout people, we've got a badass over here!
Mosar 3 months ago
Oh, ouch... you really cut me to the quick.
Nikolabar 3 months ago
You spoke with the interviewing agent?
Shakami 3 months ago
Well, next time you shave them, take a pic.
Accused of sexual abuse


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