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Tesar 9 months ago
Ok. I will reconsider.
Vonos 9 months ago
You are a genious
Vusho 8 months ago
I'm sorry - you
Jukasa 8 months ago
You can read two of them here:
Durisar 8 months ago
Subsequent Christians sure took up the sword.
Doktilar 8 months ago
I only know what I hear about Canada?s healthcare.
Gujas 8 months ago
Some appear here simply to argue.
Kazrashicage 8 months ago
there's more than one of them- be forewarned!:
Vilmaran 7 months ago
You mean Democrats antagonizing individualists? Nope.
Tazil 7 months ago
the adulterer is crucified with Christ LOL!!!
Mauzahn 7 months ago
you will fit right in
Malalmaran 7 months ago
Then God has dodged my question.
Gardabei 6 months ago
Disgust? Hole? "37 minutes ago
Douran 6 months ago
Which of those place was made better?
Zulkree 6 months ago
I can see what you mean.
Nicage 6 months ago
the question would not exist.
Tolkree 6 months ago
I'd like to skip this question. Please forgive me.
Fenrigor 6 months ago
OK. Thanks for your opinion.
Zujind 6 months ago
no. I don't care what he says.
Kigasar 6 months ago
Faggots?  Hey, if the shoe fits...
Tojajinn 5 months ago
That's got to be a factor in his Dx
Mashura 5 months ago
<green> Doesn't seem to work :( </green>
Goltir 5 months ago
True, but some conflicts are worthy to create.
Gatilar 5 months ago
That is also true of European Universities.
Sahn 5 months ago
Doesn't look like Scrooge McDuck
Yozshulkis 4 months ago
Yay! Good luck! How are you doing?
Missy squirting anal


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