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Pats of the vagina

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Kigakinos 1 year ago
Some things just aren't meant to be seen.
Najar 1 year ago
I'd ask where it was made...then laugh
Aralar 1 year ago
Is it 5 o'clock there already ??? GEEEZ
Sazil 1 year ago
you just lied about Bill Clinton.
Dizragore 1 year ago
I have many favorites...
Yozshugar 1 year ago
No one is forcing the issue.
Sakasa 1 year ago
Thanks GL???????????? 51 and going strong my friend.
Kajas 1 year ago
There is nothing in it
Samuhn 1 year ago
Who?s this guy? Where?s the bacon at?
Gardalmaran 1 year ago
gamma male virtue signalling.
Tygogor 1 year ago
Silly response of the day!
Akinozuru 1 year ago
The all tolerant left...not.
Arashilar 1 year ago
And so do fish and reptiles.
Feramar 1 year ago
Half thick, Half hard, ALL C*CK
Vigis 1 year ago
This is straight out of Alex Jones
Kataur 1 year ago
And it's free, right?
Sakree 1 year ago
islam will never evolve...
Kashura 1 year ago
Are you drunk or something?
Mikasa 1 year ago
we're drowning in a sea of lies
Shakalar 1 year ago
<shrug>. Not my issue.
Vojora 1 year ago
Shouldn?t you be in the bedroom breeding like mice?
Kagabar 11 months ago
This is an example of good conversation.
Nikojar 11 months ago
I look at Reddit.
Volkree 11 months ago
You know why : .
Malam 11 months ago
Oh Brother where thou
Negami 11 months ago
All excellent questions. All worthy of answers.
Pats of the vagina


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