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Yozuru 8 months ago
Oh that looks good!
Taucage 8 months ago
man, you're like...like so ghetto.
Taujora 8 months ago
yaa and best TP XD
Sakinos 8 months ago
I shall protest by burning the Mexican flag.
Kazrasho 7 months ago
Lies should have consequence, not free!
Mezidal 7 months ago
lol, did you have to look it up?
Tozil 7 months ago
Are you able to walk properly with your brain?
Vudor 7 months ago
Amazing comment. I would say you won the internet.
Dushura 7 months ago
My snide elitism .
Zulkill 6 months ago
I would have said, "trashy"
Malalar 6 months ago
No I think that is pantheism.
Mijind 6 months ago
Thinking of changing jobs?
Mazuzilkree 6 months ago
I wouldn't have any.
Gataxe 6 months ago
Why does most of humanity have it?
Nirr 6 months ago
Yes you were correctly labelled. What of it.
Zulumi 5 months ago
And what is your source for that?
Malarisar 5 months ago
I understand you hold this opinion.
Akinosida 5 months ago
Celebrating the summer weekends as only
Ararn 5 months ago
Link one. Never was the claim .
Goltitilar 5 months ago
I like that Gif
Moogumi 4 months ago
Mastermind is a fun game!
Jukus 4 months ago
a bit of both....
Gardakasa 4 months ago
Are you a ghost or a vampire?
Fekinos 3 months ago
Love your avatar! Looks like a Botox nightmare!
Zulrajas 3 months ago
Never listened to him so don't know
Faekazahn 3 months ago
Sometimes His Children need some punishment.
Meztijin 3 months ago
when the green pants drop?....?? = LMFAO


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