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Mos def lyrics falcon fuck

Mos def lyrics falcon fuck
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More venomous than a Brown Recluse???? I was bitten by a Brown Recluse in my backyard in North Carolina and let me tell you the pain was unbearable. I was well aware of those types of spiders and the damage they can cause as their poison is necrotic and continues to rot the flesh all the way to the bone.A guy in the military in Arkansas had to have all his dead flesh removed all the way to the bone and I never forgot that!! So I rushed myself to the emergency room and immediately told everyone it was a Brown Recluse bite and to my luck there was a doctor in the Emergency room who had studied under another doctor who did a study of these spiders venom and so the doctor in attendance took very good care of me. He told me he needed to do a "cocktail" of a few medications to inject around the site to stop the poison from spreading. He then gave me shots all around the swollen area. Everyone in the Emergency room came to see the bite site in the back of my knee, which made it excruciating to walk. He told me I went to the hospital in time if I've waited one more day the poison starts to turn the flesh black (rotting begins) but in my case he also gave me oral antibiotics and the swelling, redness and pain slowly went away!! and left no scar at all.

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Mos def lyrics falcon fuck
Mos def lyrics falcon fuck

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Kigabei 1 year ago
i love boobs most bt little of butt
Akinokinos 1 year ago
Ah. Yeah, I should know that.
Melkis 1 year ago
How can u explain dat
Zuk 1 year ago
The Joker would be proud of those flowers.
Mazukus 1 year ago
how are you ??
Gokasa 1 year ago
1. its not MY mosque.
Vijin 1 year ago
No you did not say, that you don't understand.
Dugor 1 year ago
Thank you so much for this Rita
Dagal 1 year ago
I thought it meant Smelly Pig
Zukazahn 1 year ago
Organized pressure from where?
Shakashura 1 year ago
You're going to have to explain that one
Shaktilabar 1 year ago
Lol you?re so clever!!
Mos def lyrics falcon fuck


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