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Smoking and teens fact sheet

Smoking and teens fact sheet
From: Gulkis
Category: Missionary
Added:9 months ago
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Mine would if it turns out she knows how much Donnie paid Diamond and Silk to act like a couple of total nutters.

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Smoking and teens fact sheet

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Nazragore 9 months ago
Oh darn it! Now you made me think!
Gardar 8 months ago
I agree. We spend WAY too much on Defense.
Nagar 8 months ago
No, they really, really don't.
Kajigore 8 months ago
Hahahah i dont wanna kill anyone ??
Fenribei 8 months ago
Okay I?ll think it over thanks for the advice
Ducage 8 months ago
I say, give them more rope!
Kajirn 7 months ago
Better read those gospels again.
Maukasa 7 months ago
Excerpt from Wikipedia (note footnotes)
Turamar 7 months ago
Hey, you are back. What's up
Taugul 7 months ago
Awwwwwwwwww haahhahahaah that's so nice of you! :D
Goltijora 7 months ago
What a race baiting fake you are.
Tojasar 7 months ago
Not that shocking ....
Felmaran 6 months ago
About that aid to farmers...
Tuzshura 6 months ago
More off topic trolling?
Mezimi 6 months ago
I'll be looking for you if I don't. :)
Mazushakar 6 months ago
No you just banged your head.
Voodoolrajas 6 months ago
Really so what existed before plank time.
Kagat 6 months ago
Nice, thanks for refraining from the political, much appreciated.
Taushakar 5 months ago
Not me either man, cool as a cucumber...
Mijin 5 months ago
....what color were they ???
Shaktikazahn 5 months ago
Which definitions are these?
Nazil 5 months ago
Hey how are you
Nagrel 5 months ago
Another 'you' statement. I don't think you still understand.
Nagal 5 months ago
What Does Science Say . . .
Meztizil 5 months ago
THAT Is A GOOD suggestion.
Kigakora 4 months ago
Do you agree with those surveys? Why?


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