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Genocide, slavery, rape, cruelty for cruelty's sake, and environmental devastation are pretty much the accepted easy cases of moral evils. One might, in a few exotic cases, find a narrow exception where there is an actual consensus that one of these might be OK under very rare conditions. But if someone argues for these evils one can with extremely high confidence conclude that the person is arguing for evil, and has abandoned objective morality.

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Tojamuro 1 year ago
Good. We're on the same page.
Zulkitaur 1 year ago
On second thought, let's not.
Goltibei 1 year ago
We need more lyrics young lady
Kaganos 1 year ago
oh humans are so messy....
Nijas 1 year ago
Your need to lie is profound, I see.
Taulabar 1 year ago
Oh, I get it.
Tuktilar 1 year ago
This is the story of my life in America.
Daigami 1 year ago
Free?. so the nurses, doctors, hospitals, non get paid?
Vujinn 1 year ago
I disagree with that.
Goltirr 1 year ago
Not Mormon less women
Kagalar 1 year ago
Then why respond to my post!
Moogudal 1 year ago
I can relate a lot to your experience.
Tuzragore 1 year ago
You can carry it by yourself while running?
Dukus 1 year ago
Thanks ! Tomorrow I'll read
Gardall 1 year ago
From the Greek word "akrates" ...
Shakakinos 1 year ago
Ooh, technicality! K. ;)
Nenos 1 year ago
Is heaven a physical place of three-dimensions?
Tojajar 11 months ago
Actually, when the state stayed back, Christianity did better.
Nikohn 11 months ago
She's a nice lady, you will like her
Aramuro 11 months ago
Yeah, it's tough to carry on when you're busted.
Mirn 11 months ago
Yes!I born in UAE but Now lives in sweden
Kilar 11 months ago
Some educator you are lol
Fenrilmaran 11 months ago
Will my good looks work? ??
Tentical Sex Games


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