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Shane diesel and vanessa blake
Shane diesel and vanessa blake

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Kabar 9 months ago
?? ?? that's me
Kijas 8 months ago
The nerve of them!!
Gonris 8 months ago
Why would anyone buy Old Milwaukee?
Muzuru 8 months ago
Jesus (NEW Covenant said
Sasho 8 months ago
Oh! I thought... Never mind... XD
Akilmaran 8 months ago
Go back to the ghetto Sharpton.
Telmaran 8 months ago
Half pay for the other half?
Gabar 7 months ago
Anxiety is real serious problem for me
Vill 7 months ago
Hopefully this will shut you up then
Meztirisar 7 months ago
Who do you think you are? TNID Dr. Ruth?
Gakora 7 months ago
I mean thank you! my bad
Akimuro 7 months ago
Not Paul, not Steven, but
Tataxe 7 months ago
Deliberately evil and cruel.
Medal 6 months ago
That's the best kind.
Faurg 6 months ago
What a bunch of tripe.
Takree 6 months ago
Dougie would need a permanent morphine drip.
Zulubar 6 months ago
Seems like you're changing your story now.
Vulrajas 6 months ago
Refute what I posted moron
Mibar 6 months ago
Wrong. Read the link:
Najas 5 months ago
That sounds kind of entertaining, lol!
Feshakar 5 months ago
Ok. Thanks for explaining. I learned a lot.
Tygogore 5 months ago
Keep guzzling the Kool Aid, son.
Metaur 5 months ago
I was just being a dipsh!t, :)
Nejinn 5 months ago
When did you become an expert on sampling?
Shane diesel and vanessa blake


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