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That's what Whitehead called the fallacy of misplaced concreteness. You're confusing quantifiable aspects of a phenomenon with the phenomenon itself.

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Malaramar 7 months ago
Galatians 6:1 ESV / 48 helpful votes
Shaktile 7 months ago
you don't think he has the job here?
Fenrigal 7 months ago
Yours was. I agree.
Kazrakazahn 6 months ago
They're not hard to pick out.
Feran 6 months ago
it's so irritating disease ........Right???
Vucage 6 months ago
I?m very sorry. That is crazy.
Zujin 6 months ago
What lie are you talking about?
Yozshusho 6 months ago
?????? I?m joking too girl
Zolotilar 5 months ago
Conservatives are viewed as backward racists.
Kejin 5 months ago
And you call Trump stupid.
Mauzil 5 months ago
Some would go willingly you sly fox you
Moogugrel 5 months ago
Here. Use this one, will you?
Samunos 5 months ago
Ok if you are saying so????
Daitilar 5 months ago
Who has called for "lynching" Hogg?
Darr 5 months ago
Ah, I can hear the excuses coming out already.
Tezshura 4 months ago
Yes, I understand that 'contemporaries must have existed.
Zulkijinn 4 months ago
-tard words are not allowed on this channel,
Nalkis 4 months ago
Dave Cullen is on Bitchute
Malale 4 months ago
Yeah. That's why I said anti-white views were racist.
Virisar 3 months ago
those others did not win fyi.
Grogore 3 months ago
Wouldn't that be great???
Meztigal 3 months ago
So? Do you believe "it" exists?
Arashigor 3 months ago
Irrelevant, since the almost could have happened never did.
Brakinos 3 months ago
Logic just stays wrong?
Tall 2 months ago
They instigated the killing, making them just as guilty.
Meztit 2 months ago
KFC for everyone involved!!!!
Teen sexy japanese girls hot


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