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Brazshura 1 year ago
Nah, it's off topic anyway.
Dora 1 year ago
Debunked what? Point it out. TEs are species specific.fact
Vujind 1 year ago
I admire your conviction lol
Dojar 1 year ago
Yeah, they're scawy! Come out of the closet then.
Bale 11 months ago
Where in Europe? Citation needed.
Fet 11 months ago
love the ford bros.
Fenrirg 11 months ago
Paying foreign spys to attack an American citizen. Conspiracy.
Faujind 11 months ago
Yup...probably easier for you.
Zulkisar 11 months ago
"Why won?t Mr. Trump testify daddy?"
Zolot 10 months ago
It isnt a presidential election year.
Dum 10 months ago
I said Fox Radio Kleo.
JoJolabar 10 months ago
Hahaha yep. Horrible ppl ??
Mikakasa 10 months ago
yawn....sorry, I stopped paying attention to your drivel.
Mejinn 10 months ago
Drejka?s gotta countersue. Play their game.
Tehn 9 months ago
is it not a war?
Kazisida 9 months ago
What sort of prayer?
Tagore 9 months ago
A friend just sent me this photo from 2000
Gardakora 9 months ago
Or God is a teapot.
Feshakar 9 months ago
Shhh,I live just fine,I'm just yanking Billy's leash....
Meztim 9 months ago
And just what took place-or do you know?
Tolmaran 8 months ago
sounds like a great movie :)
Mazukazahn 8 months ago
Yep--they're part of the stupid.
Negor 8 months ago
Re-read the story Steve.
Moogugami 8 months ago
I had plenty of faith when I lost mine.
Tucage 7 months ago
That?s being rather generous.
Gardagar 7 months ago
That part is obvious.
Duk 7 months ago
Nice meeting you too- I hope?
Tebei 7 months ago
What exactly am I supposed to disprove?
Kazrakree 7 months ago
You're the one in a bubble.


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