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I am agnostic, as I do not think a being such as God would be something humans could know or understand. I am sure that none of the God/s as described by any of the religions to date exist. Of that I am positive. So, based on my firm belief that it is unknowable, I live my life as if there is no god/s or God. I do not think it is a dishonest position.

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Brarisar 1 year ago
Oh I've been there and got the T-shirt!
Nikora 1 year ago
Yes. I like that. Make it so.
Yozshuran 1 year ago
Do you walk through time or space?
Vujora 1 year ago
This is Hindi song
Mojas 1 year ago
Thanks guys, my laugh for the day.
Faern 1 year ago
I've always wanted to visit Norway :)
Fenrilmaran 1 year ago
One of my favorites.........."Take on me, Take on me"
Kagak 1 year ago
Hebrew 3:4 - 2nd law of thermodynamics
Shaktirn 11 months ago
I can't. I'm asking you.
Mezim 11 months ago
"You wish there was a universal understanding."
Tygozragore 11 months ago
She's one of my favorite porn stars
Vushakar 11 months ago
Huh? When has your example ever occurred?
Bagor 11 months ago
Rofl ! Well played
Brara 11 months ago
You tell me, you claim to have proof.
JoJokora 11 months ago
Pretty good how are you?
Mikam 10 months ago
Not physically, not emotionally, not at all.


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