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Asian girls in canada

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Are you going to condemn an entire group of people because their views are slightly deviated from the mainstream Christian perspective?

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Asian girls in canada
Asian girls in canada
Asian girls in canada

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Mehn 1 year ago
They have such cool pics for this quiz
Mikanris 1 year ago
ya sure ...you illogical BS will never fly.
Voodoojind 1 year ago
most blacks and its not for National!
Mern 1 year ago
Seems to be working for the US.
Kesida 1 year ago
why not? What do you buy into?
Akinoll 1 year ago
The term cult has more than one connotation.
Vole 1 year ago
The Creator could be any number of things.
Vom 1 year ago
Why are atheist countries happier than religious ones?
Tashakar 1 year ago
Most actually are independent.
Nikobei 1 year ago
"but then you are an idiot"
Goltigami 1 year ago
How many reporters has Trump jailed... compared to Barry?
Daisho 1 year ago
To serve as an opiate to the masses. Duh!
Dukazahn 11 months ago
thank god I'm atheist.
Gukree 11 months ago
Still waiting on an explanation for this.
Gukinos 11 months ago
So you can not show him what you claimed.
Ninris 11 months ago
oh my ,Rita is a classy lass
Ditilar 11 months ago
That's the point of all of this crap,
Tunris 11 months ago
How about you prove it does? Nevermind that.
Docage 10 months ago
He hasn't learned to fall right.
Arashijora 10 months ago
You are welcome dear.. are you at work
Shagal 10 months ago
Got three restored from CNV.
Kiramar 10 months ago
I?m still waiting thanks
Doulkis 10 months ago
Lol... quite a point
Shashura 9 months ago
So did Stichie Runaway ??
Nektilar 9 months ago
No problem at all. You pay for it.
Gardamuro 9 months ago
They need another tax cut!


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