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Zulkilmaran 9 months ago
Have any of the other women complained?
Yogore 9 months ago
Just another racist bonehead of the cloth....
Samugami 8 months ago
lol, did you have to look it up?
Nara 8 months ago
Who is the ?all? you refer to.
Kazrazilkree 8 months ago
As opposed to normal, sl*tty-like women? ??
Dozilkree 8 months ago
Still a great film
Mikasar 8 months ago
Is she seriously victim blaming?
Kagazilkree 8 months ago
The proof is in the outcome.
Zulurr 7 months ago
Rational analysis of objective reality.
Takora 7 months ago
I wouldn't touch a pedophile priest either. Would you?
Zulutaur 7 months ago
Toad would like that one
Malabei 7 months ago
Who are they intolerant of?
Vimi 7 months ago
Mother Nature is God's wife or consort. So.wtf?
Tukinos 6 months ago
Circumstantial evidence is a belief.
Tojashicage 6 months ago
Was your cat inside the orange juice container?
Dourg 6 months ago
We've tried abstinence-only approach. It doesn't work.
Nejin 6 months ago
tya because solar costs way too much
Tojazahn 6 months ago
CNN and Fox aren't claimed to be inerrant.
Fenrinos 5 months ago
Yes, someone may think their parents are the norm.
Totaxe 5 months ago
So Rum and Coke?
Maukinos 5 months ago
Really? A bunch of tired apologetics?
Goltikora 5 months ago
Exactly. They reinforce each other.
Nanris 5 months ago
What a sad view of life.
Moogushakar 4 months ago
Many pieces support my position. None yours.
Taujinn 4 months ago
Have they removed Ellis' foot from Mueller's ass yet?
Vusar 4 months ago
Agreed 100% with you this time
Gagor 4 months ago
Stop projecting your problems on me you inbred.
Fenribei 4 months ago
Are you upset with me?
Dinos 4 months ago
When will the awakening happen?
Arakasa 4 months ago
You are 100% on target Blue Age. Kudos! Regards.


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