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Zulkilmaran 11 months ago
Have any of the other women complained?
Yogore 11 months ago
Just another racist bonehead of the cloth....
Samugami 11 months ago
lol, did you have to look it up?
Nara 11 months ago
Who is the ?all? you refer to.
Kazrazilkree 10 months ago
As opposed to normal, sl*tty-like women? ??
Dozilkree 10 months ago
Still a great film
Mikasar 10 months ago
Is she seriously victim blaming?
Kagazilkree 10 months ago
The proof is in the outcome.
Zulurr 10 months ago
Rational analysis of objective reality.
Takora 10 months ago
I wouldn't touch a pedophile priest either. Would you?
Zulutaur 9 months ago
Toad would like that one
Malabei 9 months ago
Who are they intolerant of?
Vimi 9 months ago
Mother Nature is God's wife or consort. So.wtf?
Tukinos 9 months ago
Circumstantial evidence is a belief.
Tojashicage 8 months ago
Was your cat inside the orange juice container?
Dourg 8 months ago
We've tried abstinence-only approach. It doesn't work.
Nejin 8 months ago
tya because solar costs way too much
Tojazahn 8 months ago
CNN and Fox aren't claimed to be inerrant.
Fenrinos 8 months ago
Yes, someone may think their parents are the norm.
Totaxe 8 months ago
So Rum and Coke?
Maukinos 7 months ago
Really? A bunch of tired apologetics?
Goltikora 7 months ago
Exactly. They reinforce each other.
Nanris 7 months ago
What a sad view of life.
Moogushakar 7 months ago
Many pieces support my position. None yours.
Taujinn 6 months ago
Have they removed Ellis' foot from Mueller's ass yet?
Vusar 6 months ago
Agreed 100% with you this time
Gagor 6 months ago
Stop projecting your problems on me you inbred.
Fenribei 6 months ago
Are you upset with me?
Dinos 6 months ago
When will the awakening happen?
Arakasa 6 months ago
You are 100% on target Blue Age. Kudos! Regards.


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