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Women 541 Ukrain

From: Tojashakar
Category: Nurse
Added:1 year ago
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So now we have it from their own damn "mouths" that they're propagandists and indoctrinators rather than educators.

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Women 541 Ukrain
Women 541 Ukrain
Women 541 Ukrain

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Dozil 1 year ago
If you agree with my post, yes.
Vumi 1 year ago
That was beautiful Howard!
Mikagore 1 year ago
Thank you Rita! It's good to be back!
Zolorr 1 year ago
We actually need the people here
Voodookus 11 months ago
No dear I have no option but to survive.
Mekinos 11 months ago
Your a dumb bitch that doesn't know much.
Garr 11 months ago
Thank you, my extraterrestrial friend
Mezishakar 11 months ago
Doesn't sound like it to me.
Kikree 11 months ago
That is an argument against you.
Kigagor 10 months ago
Prove humans have souls, and that they are immortal.
Samule 10 months ago
Doesn't every body do that?
Vudogul 10 months ago
I'd sign up... but I have Intergalactic Bone Spurs...
Tushakar 10 months ago
Hey man, Gretsch all the way!
Voodootaur 10 months ago
i would tend to agree
JoJoktilar 9 months ago
I?m comfortable with 6 weeks.
Jujinn 9 months ago
Rivers are sometimes a bumpy ride.;)
Faubei 9 months ago
Really, "SPUTNIK NEWS" Wow just wow.......chuckle
Nikus 9 months ago
Just show up with my beaver, right?
Tygolkis 9 months ago
And Catholics are the worst.
Fenrijind 8 months ago
Not from foreign governments.
Daizilkree 8 months ago
do you actually believe they weren't developing nukes?
Kejora 8 months ago
okay I just use the firestick .lol
Vijas 8 months ago
I am not aware that I evaded anything.
Tojacage 8 months ago
Yes, a malcontent, rude, nuts.


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