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From: Mikabei
Category: Parody
Added:1 year ago
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I think the Federal Fair Housing Act would give them standing regardless.

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Muzuru 1 year ago
Agnostics aren't. Atheists are.
Faejar 1 year ago
You guys have been saying that for 2K years.c'mon.
Voodookazahn 1 year ago
Oh, and you don't have bias? That's adorable.
Arashikasa 1 year ago
Not true. Not in the definition.
Vulmaran 1 year ago
organizing around identity politics = begging for scraps.
Kazikora 1 year ago
Really the university just lends their name?
Keshura 1 year ago
hundreds of interpretation by different Christian dominations
Mooguzuru 11 months ago
Romans 1:26-28 Common English Bible (CEB)
Zurr 11 months ago
LMAO! Best post on here!
Meztigrel 11 months ago
Those are real names of beers! Lol
Samur 11 months ago
Have you ever seen a crow walk???
Gazragore 11 months ago
Office study exams uff
Tojazragore 11 months ago
Yes, even a fool can figure it out.
Metilar 11 months ago
I would imagine it would be whatever you liked.
Kajilrajas 10 months ago
Lazy epistemology is one of my pet peeves.
Kagat 10 months ago
Just put question mark at last ?
Kigahn 10 months ago
1. There hasn?t been another world war.
Megrel 10 months ago
You should educate yourself from proper sources.
Samunos 10 months ago
Its funny...cuz its true! Lol
Kigacage 9 months ago
I don't even watch football!
Tegul 9 months ago
haha ttyl big .. have a good day ??
Tacage 9 months ago
Yes, yes you are.
Dujind 9 months ago
Ah. Yeah, funny how things work out sometimes.
Grogami 9 months ago
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
Niran 9 months ago
Hint: it?s you :)
Faerr 8 months ago
"The event was hosted by a private group.."
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